Strawberry Limeade

Strawberry limeade perfect for a summer day.  Easy to make with only four ingredients.  Easily can be doubled for a crowd. I cannot wait until summer.  The weather here in Utah has been pretty blah lately, and everyday I am wishing I were somewhere warm with a fun summer drink […]


Pineapple Punch

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and for that night it always fun to drink something bubbly.  My girls absolutely LOVE Sparkling Ice drinks, so I decided (along with my 12 year old Larissa) that we would make a drink using the coconut pineapple one because it is […]

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Cranberry Punch

Every year Christmas comes around and the last couple of days I feel like I want to make and bake everything.  There are so many yummy treats out there that I cannot resist.  I love this Cranberry Punch for the kiddos for Christmas Eve dinner and usually have it for […]