Kid Friendly Halloween Drinks

Kid Friendly Halloween Drinks

We love Halloween at our house.  Dressing up and having fun with friends and family is always a great time. I love seeing the Halloween costumes that people choose and watching my girls come home and count all of their candy at the end of the night.  It is something my sisters and I used to do when we were growing up, so it’s fun to see them do the same thing.

This year for Halloween the girls are having some friends over for a little get together and to go trick-or-treating. We will be making these delicious, kid friendly Halloween drinks.

Having a fun drink in your hand at a party is fun at any age. I love the flavors of these drinks and the cute Halloween twist.  They are incredibly easy to make and the kids LOVE them. Here’s what need for the witches brew.

I purchased all of the cute little glasses at Michael’s, but you can put these in a regular clear plastic cup and you will be good to go.



          • SpriteT
          • Torani syrup (green apple or kiwi)


Fill cup with ice and add 2 TBS of syrup.  Fill with sprite.  If you don’t have those little cups, I would add in a couple of gummy worms to top it off.


Next up we have a BLACK WIDOW drink.  Spooky and tasty.



                  • Grape Soda or Root Beer
                  • Torani Vanilla Syrup (If you don’t have the syrup it is ok)
                  • Whipping Cream
                  • Black food coloring
                  • Spider Web cupcake topper (found mine at Michael’s, or you could use a plastic spider ring)


Fill cup with ice, add 2-3 TBS of vanilla syrup, mix in a little bit of black food coloring at a time until you get the color you want. Top off with whipping cream and add spider web/spider to the top.  Enjoy!

The next drink we had was mainly created for my daughter Kalena because she does not drink soda.  So we came up with REDRUM…(don’t worry, no rum in this!). Read it backwards….ooh scary.



                • Raspberry or Strawberry Lemonade
                • Red Food coloring
                • Red Sugar
                • Red chocolate melting wafers
                • Whipping Cream
                • Gummy eyeballs (found mine at World Market)


Place some red sugar onto a plate or in a bowl to dip rim of glass into. Melt chocolate wafers and put into a ziplock baggie.  Snip off a small part of the corner.  Pipe chocolate onto the cup and down side so it looks like blood dripping.  Dip rim of glass into sugar, let it sit for a minute so chocolate can harden.

Mix together in a separate cup the lemonade and red food coloring until you get the red you want, usually just a couple of drops.  Add ice to your bloody cup and pour in lemonade.  Add whipping cream to top and place on your eyeball.  Gross and yummy and the same time.

My girls named this one Jack-O-Juice, it’s like a creamsicle in a cup. I found these cups and stickers at Michael’s. Ours has their Halloween stuff at 70% off right now,  so it’s a good time to stock up for next year.  They always have the cutest things and are inexpensive, even better when on clearance.  Just added a little jack-o-lantern sticker to the cup and they are now festive.



                • Orange Soda
                • Torani Vanilla Syrup
                • Whipping Cream (make your own or use Cool Whip)
                • Green Food Coloring
                • Green sugar
                • Pumpkin Sprinkles


Mix green food coloring to whipping cream, set aside.

Add ice to cup.  Add 2-3 TBS of vanilla syrup.  Pour in orange soda.  Pipe or scoop green whipping cream onto top.  Sprinkle on green sugar and pumpkin sprinkles.  Serve.

I had eight little kiddos here taste testing all of these and they couldn’t choose a favorite. They had so much fun trying all of the different flavors and were so excited about the different ones they had to choose from. I hope you and your kiddos enjoy these fun Halloween drinks as much as ours do.


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  1. Love all these yummy Drinks

  2. Katinia Qoro

    I want to throw a last minute Halloween party just to make these drinks! And I have those mason jar mugs and found mines at the dollar store..not sure if the Michaels sale was cheaper but thought I’d share that.


      I paid $1.29 for mine. I love when I find things like that at the dollar store! I’ll have to check mine out too. Thanks!

  3. Crystal Westerlund

    Hi Ipo! I love these recipes! Wanting to know how early in advance could I prep the Jack-o-juice? Having a get together tomorrow and I’m wanting to have everything already done and setup before guests arrive.


      Hi! I would just prep the green whipping cream in advanced and have it ready to scoop or pipe on. It is orange soda so you’ll want to pour it before you serve so it doesn’t go warm or flat. Have fun!

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